As If by Magic: Poems 2015-2019

My debut volume: Eighty-two pages, thirty-five poems (including seventeen magnet poems), twelve black and white photos, all intended to usher in new light for our world. Pay what you want. The minimum price of $15 covers my own costs of production and shipping, plus a few bucks. All copies signed. 


The book is also available through and, by request, at your local bookstore.


Leah Elliott Hamilton is an embodied speck of the Tao, born and raised along the borderlands of Arizona and Utah, formally educated in North Dakota, currently residing in North Carolina with her husband, children, stepchildren, and puppies, where she teaches high school English and dreams of the better world we all know must come. She is the author of the poetry volume As If By Magic, and the founder of Raw Organic Poetry.

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